Author: Rubi Lebovitch

Rubi Lebovitch

Rubi Lebovitch, VP of Marketing at, specializes in driving growth and strategic partnerships. With a talent for identifying unique opportunities and building impactful collaborations, Rubi excels in fostering relationships with executives and senior professionals worldwide, elevating brands, and advancing business growth.

In today’s affiliate marketing ecosystem, efficient and flexible payouts are crucial. Affiliates demand faster payments and modern methods. Join us to explore these trends with Stefan “Affpal” Muehlbauer, a leading expert in affiliate management. Stefan “Affpal” Muehlbauer is a renowned expert with an outstanding track record in the affiliate marketing industry. He has successfully built and managed numerous affiliate programs and teams, showcasing his expertise and leadership. As a highly sought-after speaker, Stefan delivers keynotes at some of the most prestigious industry events worldwide. He also runs two widely followed YouTube channels focused on affiliate management. Currently, he holds the…

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In this era of digital transformation and growing customer expectations, CFOs face a complex challenge: effectively managing large-scale payouts while streamlining business transactions across diverse payment methods. To gain insights into this critical landscape, we spoke with Mark Brousseau, President of Brousseau & Associates, a leading authority in the payments and document automation space with over two decades of experience advising top providers. Mark joins us today to share his expertise on the key trends shaping CFO strategies for managing large-scale payouts and simplifying business transactions with diverse payment methods. Q1: Mark, based on your extensive experience, what are some…

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