Shaping the Future of Digital Payouts: The Story

Hi Everyone,

For those who know me, you’re aware of the passion I have for product marketing and financial products. It’s a drive that has fueled my professional journey and led me to the role I proudly hold today as the Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Officer at
Reflecting on the last decade in the fintech space, we witnessed the ‘Money In’ era – a period where fintech giants like Stripe, Adyen, and Nouve revolutionized how businesses handle incoming global payments.

They successfully broke down the barriers of multi-currency transactions, enabling companies to receive international payments effortlessly. This era marked a significant milestone in global financial operations, setting the stage for a more interconnected world of commerce.

However, the landscape of financial transactions is ever-evolving. We’ve transitioned from the ‘Money In’ challenges to an equally crucial and complex aspect – the ‘Money Out.’ In this new era of multi-participants, every individual becomes a significant player in the digital economy. From influencers to freelancers and from affiliates to publishers, each participant brings unique payment preferences and requirements.

In this era, it’s not just about disbursing payments; it’s about understanding and adapting to the varied demands of these multi-participants. The traditional one-size-fits-all approach to payouts is no longer viable. Today’s vendors are dictating their terms – they want to receive payments in ways that suit them best, whether it’s through local banking, a wide array of eWallets, cryptocurrencies, or in their local currency.

Moreover, they demand these payments not just flexibly, but also instantly. This paradigm shift is where is making its mark. Our platform is designed not just to automate payouts but to revolutionize them. We’re empowering vendors with the choice and immediacy they seek in receiving funds. With our advanced payment system, vendors can access their earnings instantly, alleviating the traditional constraints of delayed payment schedules.

This innovation is not merely a convenience; it’s a transformation in the payout landscape, with providing the capital and leading this change.

Our journey over the past two years, evolving from Mrkter to, has been a testament to our commitment to addressing the real challenges of both clients and vendors in this new financial era. We have collaborated with industry leaders across various sectors to refine a platform that is not just a solution but a harbinger of change in the digital transaction space.

Navigating through the ups and downs of this entrepreneurial journey, I’ve realized one fundamental truth: success isn’t solely about having the best idea or product. It’s about having the best partners and team. And at, I’m fortunate to have exactly that. Alongside my friend and partner, Leor Ceder, the CEO of, and our incredible team, we’re not just building a product; we’re creating a legacy.

The future is bright, and our excitement is palpable. As we continue to break new ground and explore uncharted territories, we do so with a team that shares a unified vision. The journey ahead is filled with endless possibilities, and I am eager to see where it takes us.
In closing, I invite you to join us on this exhilarating journey.

With, we’re not just changing how businesses handle payouts; we’re redefining the very fabric of financial transactions in the digital age.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey.

Barak Hirchson, Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Officer,

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Barak Hirchson Co-founder & CSO
20 years’ worth of experience in the online marketing and fintech industries with an intuitive understanding of contemporary ecommerce solutions, allowing me to anticipate global market changes and identify opportunities for growth.
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