Author: Leor Ceder

Leor Ceder

Leor is a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in Goldman Sachs investment banking and precious metals mining. After founding and successfully exiting Sycamore Mining, he shifted his focus to fintech innovation. Leor is the CEO and co-founder of

In the realm of digital transactions, a significant transformation is on the horizon, driven by the demands and aspirations of the younger generation. This emerging cohort of digital professionals – encompassing affiliates, publishers, creators, influencers, gamers, freelancers, and experts – is increasingly vocal in their discontent with outdated payment models such as net 30, 45, or 60 days. Their voices are shaping a new narrative in financial transactions, one that resonates with immediacy and flexibility. stands at the forefront of this change, pioneering solutions that cater to this evolving demand for instant payment. The Shift in Payment Expectations The…

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